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Of course, making Oscar predictions this early in the game is a fool’s errand, with six months to go until the end of the year, campaigns are starting to take shape and the picture for the awards season is beginning to get a little bit clearer. And one move that’s already on the tip of everyone’s tongue is Steve McQueen’s star-studded “12 Years A Slave.” And feeling the hype, Fox Searchlight is looking to make the movie their Oscar horse.

Originally slated for a late, end of year December 27th date, the studio has moved the movie all way up to October 18th. Why? Well, according to Deadline, test screenings have been “exuberant” (which seems an odd choice of words), and putting things together, it’s probably safe to say the studio thinks that it can build on a strong showing on the fall festival circuit (it’s heavily rumored to premiere at Venice) and get it out sooner rather than later. It will be a platform release, meaning it will start limited and expand, which is the right approach to build word of mouth and critical acclaim for the flick. But hell, all that aside, we’re getting it sooner. So yeah, we’re excited.

In other release date news: “Cinderella” is slated for March 13, 2015, Tim Burton’s “Peregrine’s Home for Peculiars” will hit on July 31, 2015, and Marvel is dropping a new, untitled movie on July 8, 2016.

And when it comes to the Oscar race, the Weinsteins have made some adjustments too. “August: Osage County” moves to Christmas Day and “Grace Of Monaco” arrives on November 27th.


  • Annie
    Posted on July 03, 2013

    Thanks for the new site; I like what I’ve seen so far! As for this moving up of TYAS, that is very good news. December 27 was far to late for it to establish itself or even to be seen by voting members of the Academy.

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