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A New trailer has been released for Slow West and a new image.

Slow West certainly has style to spare. From the opening notes of the trailer, it’s clear this is a unique piece of work. That tonal balance between twee and twisted has to be tough to master, but kudos to Maclean for nailing it and to A24’s marketing team for capturing that same spirit in a two-minute trailer.

If that charming trailer weren’t enough to get your attention, here’s what Russ had to say about it at Sundance:

This film is to the western as Hanna was to the espionage thriller — a meditative journey shot through with scenes of violence and characterized by allegorical storytelling that constructs its own reality so thoroughly that it has the feel of a fairy tale. […] Gorgeously filmed and enlivened by a deep sense of gallows humor, Slow West features yet another great performance from Michael Fassbender, and culminates in one of the most stylish and memorable sequences I’ve seen in a long time.

Slow West hits theaters and iTunes May 15. Ben Mendelsohn and Rory McCann (the Hound from Game of Thrones) also star.