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While Michael Fassbender says he doesn’t believe in divine intervention, sometimes certain coincidences are just too hard to ignore.

“I had already been turned down by two drama schools,” the X-Men: Days of Future Past actor, 38, tells The New York Times Style Magazine, setting up the story of how he got his first big break.

At 19-years-old, Fassbender made his third attempt auditioning for the Drama Centre in London. He planned on reciting a monologue from Othello, and despite practicing the part hundreds of times, he still felt nervous.

“I went to the urinal, and as I was pissing, I saw that someone had written, ‘Hi, Cookie!’ on the wall,” Fassbender remembers.

“Those words were staring at me, as I stood there. I had just finished playing the Cook in a production of Mother Courage, and I had done it with a Scottish accent.”

Sensing something prophetic in the doodle, Fassbender says he reasoned, “Cook; cookie: ‘I’ll do the Iago monologue in a Scottish accent … Even though that wasn’t how I had prepared it.'”