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In the past decade, Michael Fassbender has appeared in many fantastic movies that range from sci-fi horrors like Prometheus to costume dramas like Jane Eyre. But the film that catapulted him to the world’s attention was undoubtedly the historical epic 300.

Amazingly 300 was Fassbender’s feature-length movie debut and it quickly unveiled the star as being a charismatic attraction on our cinema screens. And whilst there may be many reasons why the 2006 movie grossed over $450 million and even inspired online games, it’s undoubtedly Fassbender’s incredible physical appeal that helped the success of comic book adaptation.

Fassbender underwent an intensive physical makeover in order to play the long-haired sinewy character of the Stelios. The highly skilled and charismatic Spartan character was one of the best things about the movie and although the training made the star physically ill, it showed that he didn’t lack the dedication necessary to make this movie such a big success.

300’s release marked a watershed moment in the evolution of historical dramas. The movie used ultra-stylised filming techniques to recreate the high-contrast visuals of the comic, and the gruesome battle scenes have inspired many other hard-hitting historical movies like The Eagle and Centurion.

It’s also been interesting to see how the 300: March to Glory PlayStation game gave gamers a chance to get closer to Fassbender’s character. And not only do online casino sites like Betway prove that the biggest slots jackpots pay out thousands, but they’ve also included a Gladiator slots game that illustrates just how widespread this trend of historical action movies has become.

All of this must undoubtedly have been a surprise for Fassbender who started the filming of 300 with very little in the way of movie experience. We all remember how he managed to light up our screens by playing Burton Christenson in Steven Spielberg’s amazing TV series Band of Brothers, but few would have foreseen how the star would swiftly become one of the biggest Hollywood actors.

And seeing as 2016 marked the year where Fassbender and his current beau Alicia Vikander became one of the industry’s power-couples, it seems that his influence will continue to grow beyond the likes of 300 and those online slots games!